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Last week my husband and I went to an NBA pre-season game and my muse went into overdrive during one of the breaks.  If you’ve ever wondered where book ideas come from, the answer is life! And last Wednesday, lit … Continue reading

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Summer’s Not Over Yet—is it?

Just the other day my friend Carrie called for a summer do-over because we just don’t know where the last two-plus months went. The flurry of garage sales, barbeques and dog walks might have something to do with my disappearing … Continue reading

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Rabbit, Bunny, Stomach, Tummy

Last week I devoured Retail Hell, a hilarious memoir, in under 24 hours.  I laughed on almost every single page, but the funniest part of the story was the ongoing purse-versus-handbag battle.  As the lone male hawking handbags in an … Continue reading

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Cha-Ching: A Literary ATM

E. L. James, I heard, wrote “50 Shades” on her phone while commuting to and from work.  She’s worth a gazillion dollars now. Or maybe just 60 million.  And I have to wonder where her phone went! Did E.L. toss … Continue reading

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Super-Size My Holidays

  Is it just me, or are you glad the month of February is just about over? For the shortest month of the year, it sure has been jam packed, from Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, to the Downton Abbey … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Connie and Jamie

Since it’s the very first day of 2013, and everyone is filled with resolutions and hope for the coming 364, we thought this might be a great time to talk about aspirations and crowd source with readers about goals. And … Continue reading

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