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Movie fanatic, writer of stories, lover of life. I tell contemporary stories with mystery / romance / paranormal / humor / action / suspense and anything else I can think up.

Be afraid, be very afraid – by J.R.Richardson

I am a huge Halloween fan. I start looking forward to October, roughly around July (and not just because that’s when it finally begins to cool off down here in sunny Florida). My family and I like to do Halloween … Continue reading

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Place Your Bets! I mean, Bids!

Hey! Happy Cinco de quince by the way! I thought I’d take my blogging opportunity, this month, to post about Ms. Novak’s auction today – since I know a few people with the disease and how awful it can be. … Continue reading

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That’s a Wrap . . . or, not.

I’m a huge fan of outtakes from stories. I love reading them and I love writing them. I’m a huge fan of anything really (alternate POVs, outtakes, pasttakes, futuretakes . . . undertakings, which is what I like to call … Continue reading

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Diary of a newly published author

Please excuse this ridiculously enthusiastic post, but . . . It happened! Cursed be the Wicked was successfully released on March 5th and what a whirlwind that day was.  To kick things off I was in SPIN class the night … Continue reading

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(Obsessive Compulsive Blog Formatting) A while ago, I posted about how it turns out, I’m introverted. Not such a bad thing, I’ve found, just tiring. Lately I have also come to believe I am a tiny bit obsessive compulsive – … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Jo

Or . . . Jensen. People who know me, are aware of my undying love for the T.V. show, Supernatural.  Specifically speaking, Jensen Ackles, who portrays Dean Winchester *swoon*, the older of two brothers who hunt demons (and countless other … Continue reading

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There’s Always Something

I thought I’d give Catherine a poem today in light of her post from Tuesday.  I also thought I’d consider (U.S.) Thanksgiving as my prompt, since it’s just around the corner. Here she goes: # # # There’s always a … Continue reading

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