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I love the NFL, the NBA, Jazzercise, reading, writing, and singing karaoke. I used to be a computer programmer by trade, but now am a small business consultant for employee benefits, and love, meeting new, and hanging with friends. Life is good.

Another Year, Another Nationals. . .

And I loved it! People who know me will be surprised, I’m sure. (Ha!) The quick rundown is it’s quick. Never a dull moment. Some (most) of my highlights include standing in line at Starbucks: So standing in line at … Continue reading

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Positive versus Negative

Early in May I was contacted by the Tulsa Area Writers Group to speak. Silently praying that Thunder NBA would not be hosting a game that night. (They didn’t, it was in Miami, but that’s another story). Anyway, I accepted, … Continue reading

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Travel and Brainstorming — My Denver Jaunt

Recently, I lost my twenty-eight year nephew to muscular dystrophy. I don’t tell you this to elicit sympathy. He lived a long, happy life for someone with this debilitating disease. (My sister is doing wonderful, too, by the way). No, … Continue reading

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Ah…It’s Mother’s Day

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, stepmoms, grandmoms. The same goes for the moms who mother their dogs and cats (because we know they are our children, as well.)  And, since we’re adding moms of pets, I would be … Continue reading

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Time Well Spent?

Ha! I don’t know the meaning of the word. TIME? What is that? Like sleep, I have no idea. Between a day job (computer programmer), writing (nine manuscripts, completed), critique groups meetings (every other week), NBA Thunder basketball (season ticket … Continue reading

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What Are You Exercising?

As Americans, we exercise our rights to vote, speak freely, and work hard for our dreams. As writers, we exercise our brains (hopefully, daily).  We hone our craft; read other writers’ works; attend conferences and belong to critique groups; enter … Continue reading

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A Little Word about Networking…Small, really.

“Imagine, my dear romance writing friend, you are seated at the bar chatting to fellow attendees, when suddenly you are surrounded by the likes of Julie Ann Long, Julianne MacLean, Miranda Neville, Madeline Hunter, keynote speaker- Sharon Sala.  I thought … Continue reading

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