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What’s Old is New

This morning on my Facebook feed I found something amazing. No worries, it’s not a political post, but it is about something we can all agree on. SHOES! Toms shoes, those cute tennis shoes that Pinterest Experts love to pain … Continue reading

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One Way to Beat Writer’s Block

  The holidays. The kids’ homework. The kids’ recitals. Deadlines. Standing in lines. That fine line before I lose my mind. I admit it. Words are moving in my brain like slugs through peanut butter these days. It’s all I … Continue reading

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Why do we Torture Ourselves?

Today, I decided to head back to my exercise routine–pilates reformer. I had major surgery in August and it took a little longer than I expected to recover. Several weeks out from the surgery I had moved from recovery to … Continue reading

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Fit to be Tied

It’s August so that means back-to-school, the beginning of football season, the countdown to everything pumpkin spice and bow ties. Yes, you read that right bow ties. They are dapper and I think highly under appreciated for everyday wear, but … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

I’m a big fan of Dr. Seuss, I always like what he writes, In all the times I’ve read his books, I’ve gained great insight. He always tells it like it is, he makes no excuses for his thoughts And … Continue reading

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My son the turtle

Today is World Turtle Day so we should shellabrate!  Seriously, it is World Turtle Day and turtles hold a very special place in my heart for two reason. The first being my grandmother. She wasn’t a great fan of turtles, per … Continue reading

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Food and Fiction

By Patricia W. Fischer Touch. Taste. Smell. Sound. Sight. As a writer, I do my best to figure out the best way to pull a reader into my work by using the five senses and it’s not always easy. One … Continue reading

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