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Hello. Writer, People Watcher, Rather Good Friend & Person Most Likely to Laugh Inappropriately Loudly. @tashatayls.

Strangers on a Train

What a novel idea! Have you ever had that experience where you’ve made an unexpected friend on a journey, because of a series of events or small decisions? That’s what happened to me yesterday, so I wanted to share it … Continue reading

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Just a little Tayl

Hello lovelies. I wanted to share a short story with you – let me know what you think.   Rising Laila pressed her lips together and then pouted before putting the lid back on her red lipstick. The door to … Continue reading

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Butterfly Brain

Hey there. This time, I wanted to share with you some memories – these aren’t linear and are out of order, but that’s the joy/curse* of having a butterfly brain. (*Delete as appropriate). “Mum, can I ask you a question?” … Continue reading

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My Definition

Hello again! My posts, thus far, have been scheduled just before Valentine’s Day and just before Easter, and as is my wilful way, I’m going to be talking to you about something else – me. I was thinking of what … Continue reading

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My First, Not My Last, Give Me Everything

Hey! I’m Tasha Taylor, a Soul Mate author, and this is my first blog for Soul Mate Publishing. I’m very excited to get the chance to share things with you lovely Soul Mate readers. So, let me tell you a little … Continue reading

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