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Authors are told to write what they know. I need to research! (this post appeared for a few minutes by accident in January…)

How does a writer immerse a reader into their story? Whether the backdrop’s Victorian England or contemporary Montana, pathways arise through scenery details and responses specific to each character. Dialect, weather, cultural nuances, and tools or technologies expedite the journey. … Continue reading

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When Good Cliches Go Bad

“You, sir, are a masher and a cad!” “Who shall hold me responsible for being beguiled by such a nymph?” “Yeah, well, your approach really threw me for a loop.” “You’re in the major leagues now, fair maiden.” Er, what? Imagine you’re reading a romance novel set in a place and time that requires a […]

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Learning Opportunities

“I don’t watch television.” I heard that recently from a writing colleague. While I understand it, and even admire it, I can’t share that view. For me, well-crafted television presents an excellent example of writing skills. Right now, my can’t … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: What Do Authors Learn From Reviews? by Emelle Gamble

I once taught a business English class in Mobile, Alabama and stumbled across a simple but often overlooked definition of Communication in the textbook. Speaker’s words ————————–>  Listener’s ears Listener’s feedback to speaker ————————–> Speaker’s ears Speaker <———–Same Information————–> Listener … Continue reading

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When Characters Take Over

I’m almost finished with my latest writing project. It’s a young adult fantasy romance with Arthurian legend overtones. I’ve been working on it for over a year, and I thought I had the whole thing plotted out before I began … Continue reading

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Werewolves, Oh, My! by C.T. Green

Hello everybody! As I write paranormal and science fiction romance (did you guess? :D) I thought I’d expound my thoughts on various paranormal creatures. My post today is about Werewolves. Yep, those gorgeous, sexy alpha males who are hot humans … Continue reading

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