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When Good Cliches Go Bad

“You, sir, are a masher and a cad!” “Who shall hold me responsible for being beguiled by such a nymph?” “Yeah, well, your approach really threw me for a loop.” “You’re in the major leagues now, fair maiden.” Er, what? Imagine you’re reading a romance novel set in a place and time that requires a […]

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Learning Opportunities

“I don’t watch television.” I heard that recently from a writing colleague. While I understand it, and even admire it, I can’t share that view. For me, well-crafted television presents an excellent example of writing skills. Right now, my can’t … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: What Do Authors Learn From Reviews? by Emelle Gamble

I once taught a business English class in Mobile, Alabama and stumbled across a simple but often overlooked definition of Communication in the textbook. Speaker’s words ————————–>  Listener’s ears Listener’s feedback to speaker ————————–> Speaker’s ears Speaker <———–Same Information————–> Listener … Continue reading

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When Characters Take Over

I’m almost finished with my latest writing project. It’s a young adult fantasy romance with Arthurian legend overtones. I’ve been working on it for over a year, and I thought I had the whole thing plotted out before I began … Continue reading

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Werewolves, Oh, My! by C.T. Green

Hello everybody! As I write paranormal and science fiction romance (did you guess? :D) I thought I’d expound my thoughts on various paranormal creatures. My post today is about Werewolves. Yep, those gorgeous, sexy alpha males who are hot humans … Continue reading

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The manliest of foods.

Okay, quick…what’s the manliest food? Burgers?…I don’t think so. Pizza?…Mama Mia you are so wrong. A thick, juicy steak?…Not a chance. The manliest of foods is, of course, LEFSE!!! “What?” I hear you saying. (And I can hear you. I … Continue reading

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Tested by a Toilet

My husband and I have been married for almost fifteen years now. I know, it’s not as long as some, but we met when I was twenty, and got married when I was twenty-two, so that’s basically all of my … Continue reading

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