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The Joy of Editing

Like most starry-eyed writers, I fell victim to the angst and stress associated with the editing process. The mere thought of another human being reading the body of work I slaved over, for the sole purpose of critiquing, was enough … Continue reading

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What’s in a Muse?

In ‘Greek Mythology’, a muse may be any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus. It was said that each daughter represented or presided over a specific art and/or science. Calliope embodied the writing tablet and inspired epic poetry. … Continue reading

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December 2013 Blog-a-Thon: Get to Know April Luna!

SMP:  Welcome, April! Please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as: your family, where you live, pets, favorite color, favorite film, favorite book, and favorite scent. April:  On paper, one would find I am a 44 year old … Continue reading

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What’s in a Character?

Writers have pondered over this age-old question for centuries.  The mere mention of the topic produces an array of emotions that often lead to anxiety, tears, hair pulling, and a lot of nail-biting.  Now, writers spare the stubs and let … Continue reading

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