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Studying French by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Hi, For those that don’t know me, I’m paranormal adventure romance author Susan Hanniford Crowley. This is Vampire Princess of New York, my second novel with Soul Mate Publishing after Vampire King of New York. I write family sagas except … Continue reading

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Inside An Author’s Twisted Mind

What inspired me to write in the paranormal genre? That’s an easy one: Because there are fewer rules, and the ones that do exist, usually you’re making up yourself. I started out writing contemporary romance. I had so many ideas … Continue reading

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Channeling Nora

Every voracious reader, including those of romance, has their favorite authors. Genres. Heat levels and writing styles. And what choices we have! Romance novels, with all their various genres and subgenres, can be had in whatever length we prefer, from … Continue reading

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A WhirlWind Fall!

Autumn certainly has blown into my life with a whoosh this year! We left on September 30th for a two-week vacation in Florida from our home in Massachusetts. One week in Tampa, and the other lying on the beach in … Continue reading

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The Sarcastic Marriage Succeeds

I recently read an article that implied (at least that’s how I read it) that sarcasm was bad for a marriage. That in fact, it was a factor that could potentially lead to divorce. (As an aside, one could argue … Continue reading

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Reading/Signing/Panels at Confluence in Pittsburgh with Susan Hanniford Crowley

There’s nothing more exciting than a box of a new print edition! It’s coming with me to Pittsburgh. Being a paranormalist, I can be at romance as well as science fiction and fantasy conferences. Today is Saturday at Confluence in … Continue reading

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When Good Cliches Go Bad

“You, sir, are a masher and a cad!” “Who shall hold me responsible for being beguiled by such a nymph?” “Yeah, well, your approach really threw me for a loop.” “You’re in the major leagues now, fair maiden.” Er, what? Imagine you’re reading a romance novel set in a place and time that requires a […]

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