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The Scent of a Scene by Cari Davis

The earthy aroma of fallen leaves. Pies baking in the oven. Chimney smoke filling the crisp, cool air. Pumpkin and spice. The scents of autumn bring to my mind cozying up with my husband, spending time with family, and an … Continue reading

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Channeling Nora

Every voracious reader, including those of romance, has their favorite authors. Genres. Heat levels and writing styles. And what choices we have! Romance novels, with all their various genres and subgenres, can be had in whatever length we prefer, from … Continue reading

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The Agony and The Ecstasy

This month I did my first Arts & Crafts Festival. Was it a success? Well, I did see people I haven’t seen since high school (I’m not saying how long ago that was, but it was decades). Back then my … Continue reading

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Everything New is Old Again, by Char Chaffin

Wait a minute. I might have that phrase backward. Isn’t it ‘Everything Old is New . . .?’ I guess it depends on perspective. From my perspective, I’ve just gone backward. Earlier this month I released my third full-length novel … Continue reading

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Showing the Love and Getting it Right, by Char Chaffin

Fade in, bedroom: Grant carried Ursula to the bed and laid her down ever so gently amongst the tousled satin sheets. “My love, you’re wearing far too many clothes,” he whispered seductively, as he reached for the laces on her … Continue reading

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The manliest of foods.

Okay, quick…what’s the manliest food? Burgers?…I don’t think so. Pizza?…Mama Mia you are so wrong. A thick, juicy steak?…Not a chance. The manliest of foods is, of course, LEFSE!!! “What?” I hear you saying. (And I can hear you. I … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After and Why the Romance Genre Is So Enticing

I took a vacation recently. More specifically, I went to a secluded lake house in North Carolina where there were no planes passing over my head, honking cars or deafening police sirens. It was peaceful, quiet, and entirely made for … Continue reading

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Bucket List and Writing Inspiration

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your lifetime.  Publish a book?  Hike the Appalachian Trail?  Scuba Dive off the Great Barrier Reef?  Each of these ideas can go on a bucket list (plus a … Continue reading

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Passionate Prose

by Dawn Ireland My husband and I were discussing passion today. Why is it that some performances, books or other artistic media don’t make you feel? (happy, sad, angry, etc) I’ve been to plays where the actor or actress did … Continue reading

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A Change of Scenery

As writers, we know about the importance of setting. We know that we don’t use only our eyes to gain a sense of place, we use all five senses. We don’t just see a place, but we smell it, feel … Continue reading

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