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Friend Check. Are you okay?

More than ever, we need to pose that simple question. Phone, text, email, or write your friends/relatives who’ve gone silent and then listen. My ‘herd’ includes men and women who live alone. I remember feeling isolated when I first moved … Continue reading

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Older, wiser, and deserving a forever home.

Growing up, I don’t recall so many abandoned animals. I guess the designer pet market helped displace the non-perfect specimens. Compounded by pets living longer, rescue groups are continually seeking forever homes for wonderful, mature companions. Spock, our biggest feline, … Continue reading

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By Rote with Ryan: Criticism

Criticism : How to give it as a reader and take it as a writer. Raise your hand. Who here likes criticism? Be honest now. Some might enjoy giving it, but almost no one likes receiving it. Am I right? … Continue reading

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A New Plot on your Doorstep

We travel perhaps to see different things, hear strange voices and test our courage on odd foods with tentacles. But what if we can’t travel far? Will just going somewhere different do? Live in the burbs? Catch a train to … Continue reading

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Re-Visit Your Priorities

We hear the advice all the time, and turn a deaf ear in its direction (cliché alert): Stop and smell the roses Take time for the things you love Lavish the people you love with love Don’t put off until … Continue reading

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My son the turtle

Today is World Turtle Day so we should shellabrate!  Seriously, it is World Turtle Day and turtles hold a very special place in my heart for two reason. The first being my grandmother. She wasn’t a great fan of turtles, per … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Plot Balloons by Claire Gem

As I approach the ending of my novel-in-progress, I realize there’s more to do than just wrap up the main plot. Most call these subplots threads. But that makes the process of pulling them all together sound way too easy. … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Season

So, as per usual, the holiday season has snuck up on me again. This year, I told myself that I would somehow get ahead of the game. My husband was out of town this week, so I decided that I … Continue reading

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When Characters Take Over

I’m almost finished with my latest writing project. It’s a young adult fantasy romance with Arthurian legend overtones. I’ve been working on it for over a year, and I thought I had the whole thing plotted out before I began … Continue reading

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Affirmations for Writing

I’m sure you recognize the characters in the above cartoon. They reside in the world of DILBERT, the cartoon phenomenon created by Scott Adams. According to Wikipedia, DILBERT appears in 2000 newspapers worldwide, in 65 countries, and in 25 languages. … Continue reading

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