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PLOTTR: Is It Right for You? by CiCi Cordelia

As Cheryl and I have been upping our CiCi Cordelia game, we find ourselves on the lookout for new tools and ways to improve our creativity. Especially since we have decided to continue writing in the nineteenth-century Western Historical world … Continue reading

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November is for writers!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)  is a huge phenomena in the writing word each November. The basic idea is to let go of your inner critic and write 50 thousand words during the month. While not every author participates, most … Continue reading

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By Rote with Ryan: The Importance of Pre-Writing Exercises

The mind is a muscle, and like any muscle before a work out, you want to warm it up a little. And like any muscle, if we don’t exercise and use our writing muscles regularly, we lose that creativity we … Continue reading

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Keeping Organized

I just wrote an entire post where even I wasn’t entirely sure what the point was.  And that brings me to the point of this post: Organization. Organization is the bane of my existence. No really. You should see my … Continue reading

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When the Muse Take a Vacation

Sun. Surf. Frothy drinks with little umbrellas. Gorgeous sunsets and gentle breezes. SIGH. Sounds like the perfect vacation, right? I’m sure it is. And my Muse, that backstabbing b#*^!, has gone without me. Don’t get me wrong. Most of the … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Mind to Focus

Here is my typical weekday morning: -Up by 5:00 am (sometimes 4:00 am). Make coffee, check e-mails, do early morning tasks for technical writing job. -6:40 am. Get kids (ages 4, 8, 10) up, dressed, fed, bags packed. Take care … Continue reading

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Who Are You Telling, ‘No’?

I have children. I use the word No on an hourly, nearly minute-by-minute basis. You want ice cream? No! It’s too close to dinner. Want to have your friends over? No! I just had the carpet cleaned. Want to eat … Continue reading

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