Meadow Perkins, Trusty Sidekick


Being someone’s sidekick stinks, but it has kept Meadow safe. She has always been the funny friend of the most popular girl in art school, but hiding her light under a bushel has its consequences and now Meadow’s painting teacher thinks the talent that runs in her family must have skipped a generation. After Emilia, Meadow’s best friend, deals her a blow in the form of public humiliation in the middle of the cafeteria of Hobart School of the Arts, Meadow’s first instinct is to drop out of school and go into hiding.

When an old friend moves back into her life, she inspires Meadow to take charge of her own life and her own heart. Her heart just won’t shut up about the brooding Alejandro, or about Jack, who is tall and funny and totally gets her.

Meadow and Isla rely on each other when things get complicated, but after Meadow makes a shocking discovery, she realizes that she must stand on her own two feet, fix the mess she’s made, and try to win back the boy she like likes.