Souls Entwined (Book One of the SOULS Trilogy), by Anne B. Cole


When Gretta — a clumsy jogger, and Sam — a hunky construction worker are nearly crushed under the branches of a newly-fallen tree, little did they know they would soon fall for each other. As time stands still, they discover Gretta’s heirloom ring is cursed and they are charged with a mission by her long-dead ancestor. By entwining their souls within those who were in contact with the ring in the past, Gretta and Sam must seek out information needed to break the curse since anyone who wore the ring is doomed to an afterlife in the PIT (Purgatory in Tartarus).

Gretta and Sam time travel to the early nineteenth century, where their spirits leap into the lives of Anya, daughter of a Greek fortune teller, and Lorenzo, an American sailor kidnapped by Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. Soon, Anya and Lorenzo are on course to find true love together, but not without challenges from a bloodthirsty pirate, who will stop at nothing to get back the treasure Lorenzo stole when he escaped.

Their lives are in danger, and so are Gretta and Sam, who are unwittingly along for the adventure as they seek answers about the family ring and the origins of its mysterious curse. Vengeful pirates, a sailor’s sense of honor, and the tragic fate of Anya and Lorenzo threaten to seal Gretta and Sam in the past, continuing the evil cycle of the ring’s curse.



1 Response to Souls Entwined (Book One of the SOULS Trilogy), by Anne B. Cole

  1. authzh says:

    Beautiful cover and great story! Can’t wait to read it!

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