Sea of Passion, by Anne Lawson


He admires her bravery and desires her for her beauty and charisma . . .

Forced into marrying a complete stranger is far from Georgia’s idea of the fairy-tale life that she has envisioned for herself. Dressed as a boy, she flees Savannah and seeks refuge on a ship bound for England. Her impulsive plan goes awry and she is discovered hiding in the ship’s cargo by its captain. Georgia makes up a story to conceal her true identity, unbeknownst to her that the captain already knows exactly who she is.

Captain Gabriel Trent is just the kind of man Georgia has always dreamed of. He is kind, insanely handsome, and a true romantic.

Unaware that she has run straight into the arms of her future husband only complicates matters between the two of them as passion flares.

Gabriel’s plan had been to seduce Georgia into falling in love with him before they reached England. But what develops between them is beyond his wildest imagination. Can their love survive the secrets and the lies they have been keeping?

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