Engaged in Heritage View, by Annie Stiles

A reunion story with a twist, and a fake romance that isn’t hard to fake.

Ambitious workaholic attorney Kate Loudon lives by her five-year plan. She listens to her head more than her heart, which is why she broke it off with irresistible Scott Hunter after an intense fling in college. Her father’s health is in jeopardy, and the doctors say it’s time to retire. Past time. The family is concerned, but he’s as much of a control freak as his daughter. Her dad can’t seem to close the book on his lawyering days until he knows his youngest daughter is as happily settled as his eldest, Kate’s perfect sister, Amanda.

Kate realizes she has to pull out all the stops, which leads her to do the unthinkable. She contrives a fake engagement with “the one that got away.” Her former college love is no pushover and he won’t be controlled by Kate. Scott leads with his heart, and he wants her, but he’s going to be sure to keep Kate on her toes and inject as much reality into their faux-mance as he can. Instead of being handled, he grabs the keys to her heart and rekindles the sparks between them. For someone with a plan for everything, Kate’s life is upside down. Can the gal who follows her head change her plans for the guy who follows his heart?