Child of the Night, by April A. Luna


Chase Pond is Sarah De Luz’s one true refuge; however, there are dark secrets hidden under the light of the moon in the deep waters of the pond. A wealth of knowledge about man’s quest for longevity is waiting to be discovered, but the information comes with grave consequences.

Deadwater, Maine is predictable. Sarah has known this since she was a child. She lives her life under the cloak of darkness. Seeking refuge in the solace of Chase Pond one evening, Sarah is pulled into the fridge water, which is anything but predictable. When she wakes in an unfamiliar place, she is pulled into the arms of an Avalonian named Vlad, who is charged with her protection. 

Sarah is thrust into a world where Council Creeds, Blood Doctrines, and ancient Avalonian rituals and rites are upheld through strict traditions and formalities. Castes rule the colony and determine future events for all Avalonians, but Sarah is not the traditional type. Unwilling to bend or bow to tradition, she digs her heels in. Determined not to allow blood ties to dictate her fate or rule her heart, Sarah De Luz – Child of the Night –breaks tradition and start a new life in the light of the Aveline colony.

1 Response to Child of the Night, by April A. Luna

  1. Marie Minks says:

    I’m looking forward to the book. Sounds like a wonderful way to leave the stress of this world behind for a while.

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