Highland Legacy, by B.J. Scott


Sometimes, the only way to fight temptation is to surrender to it body and soul.

Faced with an abhorrent betrothal, Cailin Macmillan flees her father’s castle and quickly learns that a woman traveling alone in Medieval Scotland is an easy target for ruthless English soldiers. When Highland patriot, Connor Fraser, comes to her aid, his steadfast dedication to king and country is challenged by an undeniable attraction and overwhelming need to protect her—even if he must marry her to do so.

Accused of murdering one of her assailants and relying on her own initiative, Cailin dresses as a lad, intent on seeking refuge at the camp of Robert the Bruce. Can she elude an enemy from her past—a vindictive English lord bent on her capture and utter demise? Or will she fall prey to his carnal intent and be executed for a crime she did not commit?

Highland Quest


1 Response to Highland Legacy, by B.J. Scott

  1. KathyHarrahill says:

    Sounds intriguing. Love the setting of scotland…

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