Hetty’s Song, by Barbara A. Andrews


All Hetty desires in life is to sing.  Gifted and reared in a family of notable singers living in the village of Singer‘s Glen, she, a plain girl in gray homespun and prayer cap, is forbidden by Brethren tradition to sing in public.  Forced to live with her austere grandmother for disobeying her father, she runs away to Cincinnati where an eclectic group of ladies shelter her while she struggles to establish herself as a singer.  She meets and overcomes the objections of a famous maestro, and under his tutelage becomes the new Nightingale of Cincinnati. 

Naive and vulnerable to the ways of the world, she comes under the curse of the ancient evil skylark and falls hopelessly in love only to suffer heartache.  To avoid succumbing to the evil around her, she wills her voice to silence.  

Will she endure the hardship and break the skylark’s curse to become the greatest singer from  Singer’s Glen, or will she remain silent without song, the skylark triumphant? 

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