Adventure to Love, by Bethany Ramos


In a Bachelor meets Survivor-style reality TV show, twelve women are flown to an undisclosed location to meet the eligible bachelor, Ky – a former boy band member and the privileged son of an LA plastic surgeon. After arriving at a beautiful resort in Bali, the women compete for a chance at love as they fight to win Ky’s affection.

Morgan, the blunt, down-to-earth, girl next door; Harper, a wannabe Hollywood starlet who is competing not only for her fifteen minutes of fame but to win enough money for breast implants; and Brinkley, the innocent, Jesus-loving Midwesterner who believes that she and Ky are a match made in heaven must go head to head with nine other women on group dates and in challenges to stay in the competition.

After five women are cut, the remaining seven are sent to their next destination – an abandoned campground in the middle of the jungle – for the show finale. There, things start to go terribly wrong. When the group runs out of food and water and get stranded in the jungle overnight, they wonder if they’ll ever make it home alive. What happens behind the scenes when a dating reality show goes awry?

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