Meet Brian Abbott!

Brian Abbott

Brian Abbott is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in English and Public Relations. He lives in Syracuse, NY, and works at a local public library where he’s responsible for public relations, publications, and selecting mysteries for the collection.

“I still remember that fourth grade assignment—to write a Halloween story—that inspired my creativity and my interest in writing.  A few years later, when I began reading Agatha Christie, it was only natural that my new love of mysteries found its way into my stories.”

His writing developed into The Syracuse Mystery series featuring a multigenerational cast who find murder an all too frequent occurrence. Look for the first two books, Death on Stoneridge and Death at Danforth House.

Besides writing, Brian enjoys reading, theatre, film, gaming, and travel.

For more about Brian, mysteries, and writing, visit his website/blog, The Poisoned Martini, at:

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