Katie and the Cowboy, by Carol Lee Mahler

The good news is that Katie Monroe has inherited her grandmother’s Texas ranch–her favorite place on earth. The bad news is that the will stipulates that she must keep handsome cowboy Chance McCoy on as foreman.

The attraction is immediate and hard to deny. The question is, where will it go?

Katie is hesitant to accept Chance’s profession of love. How can he love her when he doesn’t really know her? Chance, on the other hand, has been in love with Katie since he saw her for one brief moment two years before during her last visit to her grandmother. Unbeknownst to Katie, her grandmother has given Chance her blessing and has provided him with many cherished hours of talking about her granddaughter.

As they work together on the Double M ranch, Katie learns that Chance is not like her former fiancé who often degraded her in public for her need to wear glasses and for her tendency toward clumsiness. With Chance, she becomes less self-conscious and begins to wonder if she can really trust the handsome cowboy. Will she find true love in the arms of the man who has loved her from afar for so long?