The Regal Fae Pawn and Loan: Harlow, by Carrie King

I’m Harlow Jones, Apprentice Metallurgist and the best Half-Fae Pawn Broker in Seattle.

Things could be going better in my life. At first glance, it looks like I have nothing to complain about. I already have a steady beer budget, a best friend, and some kick-ass boots. That’s all a girl needs in life!

Well, except the respect of her peers. And a place an orphaned Half-Fae can permanently call home, like my mentor’s shop, The Regal Fae Pawn and Loan. Or a clue about who I am and why I’m here, or why I was given up.

Okay, there are some outstanding claim tickets in my life, I guess you could say.

But I seriously don’t see how a cobalt blue-eyed Borderlands Captain named Alaric Sinclair, who literally smashes into my Shop seeking a murdering dragon-gold smuggler is supposed to help my situation. But then the arrogant jackasses of the Pawn Council dangle an enticing gem –help Captain Sinclair catch the smuggler while dodging assassins, and they’ll give me The Regal. It seems simple, even if I can’t stop thinking about how naked Captain Sinclair is under his clothes.

But some of those claim tickets are still outstanding and might end up melting me like a piece of rotten goblin steel.

One thing I know for sure: Cobalt blue, when ingested or inhaled, is toxic.