Designed by Love, by Celia T. Rose

Book Two of the Executive Women in Love Series

Margo is tired of someone taking artistic credit and most of the profits for her fashion designs. She decides to venture out on her own. Despite the non-compete agreement, no money and no credit. All from an extravagant social life.

She enjoys life, one man at a time, loving and leaving them to prevent emotional connections. This thanks to a long buried childhood filled with betrayal, abandonment and sexual abuse. Until she meets Doug.

Doug is still paying the debts, emotionally and physically, from his divorce. Yet his hectic work as a national television network executive doesn’t crush his need for love. But he fears he’s a beacon for the wrong kind of woman. Like his self-absorbed ex-wife who played his weaknesses for her gain.

He ventures out and found himself in bed with an amazing, sexy independent woman. She leaves him the next day without a word but he later discovers she’s scheduled for an appearance in one of his reality shows. He gets her to have drink and soon finds out that this damaged woman presents more of a challenge than he thinks he could handle. Should he let that stop him from his second chance at love?

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