Dream Man, by Celia T. Rose


Book One of the Executive Women in Love Series ~

After her parents’ sudden death, Felicity must support herself and her sister. Fighting her way up the ranks at a local television network, she directs her own inspired teen reality show. But despite rave reviews, the network won’t give her the title or the pay of director.

Her sister is a trouble-bound teen and lands in a hospital due to a weather-related car accident. While in the emergency waiting room, Maxwell Marx–Felicity’s idol, Hollywood’s notorious confirmed bachelor, film star, and entrepreneur–walks in. Felicity pitches her new reality show to him.

Max is happy with his carefree existence, much like the tabloids portray—just not for the right reason. Staying clear of romantic relationships is the way he copes with his painful, dark past. But, Felicity threatens to break through his protective cocoon.

Impressed with Felicity’s show idea, Max wants to help her. Besides, he’s best buds with the executive producer of a national network so it’s not as though he’s doing anything extraordinary. He intends to keep Felicity as a friend until thoughts and images of her taunt him.

Should he stay in his safe world of single living or risk losing the one girl who could complete his life?


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