Druid’s Portal Series, Book One: The First Journey, by Cindy Tomamichel


Time travel.

Druid sacrifice.

Indiana Jones has nothing on Janet Tempest.

For Janet, her research into Roman Britain has become real.

As have her visions of a roman solider.

She is 2,000 years back in the past, facing her present day demons.


Daman. Janet’s fiancé that hurt and abandoned her.

Also in the past, where he controls the time tunnels.

Handsome, ambitious.

With his soul torn from him by an ancient Goddess.

Trajan. To a Roman soldier, duty is all. To cement Roman rule he must travel through enemy occupied Britain with Janet from the future, saving her from the dangers of the past.

Love. Duty. Vengeance.

Which will he choose?

To achieve his ambition to conquer Rome itself, Daman will turn Celtic Britain into a bloodbath, twist an ancient religion and proclaim himself Chief Druid. Janet and Trajan must stop him wreaking havoc in the past, so she can return to the future.

Daman wants to sacrifice her to his insane Gods.

Trajan will die to defend the Empire and Janet.

Trajan will choose.

The old Gods will speak.

And Janet will take matters into her own hands.