Death Crosses the Finish Line, by D.M. Woods


Carrie Preston has a puzzling gift for sensing the motivation and direction of a killer, and homicide Detective Tom Watts is not beyond exploiting her ability. In a pre-dawn phone call, he begins his familiar plea, asking Carrie to join an investigative team stumped by a string of recent murders in the Denver area. Someone is stabbing women to death. Always in health clubs. What is the link between the murdered women? Outwardly fighting against Tom’s request, Carrie can’t help but feel the inevitable draw—to find the killer, yes, but also to work with Tom Watts again.

Carrie and Tom chase clues throughout Colorado, from Denver to Aspen. But with each successive murder, the killer is a leap ahead of them, leaving a trail of dead bodies. Together they must solve this crime. But Carrie’s success is as double-edged as her desire for Tom: What will stop the killer from altering the pattern, from turning toward Carrie as his next victim?

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