Kiss Me Dead, by Dale Ibitz


As a reaper-human hybrid, 19 year-old Christian is enslaved to Giltine, the Goddess of Death. Eternally cursed with the kiss of death; eternally bound by the guilt of his past. Only an angel’s kiss can set him free. With the demise of the Watchers, he accepts that his curse will never be broken; the angels no longer exist.

Born to the life of a sentinel, Brooke’s fate as a long-lost descendant of a Watcher is filled with death. When a rogue reaper steals her brother’s soul, she’s also filled with fear. It’s only when her best friend hooks up with a rogue reaper that Brooke realizes her destiny in this other world … she can hunt and kill rogue reapers.

Christian can break his curse by kissing Brooke dead. Brooke can avenge her brother’s murder by killing Christian. Neither planned to fall in love.

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