The Reaper’s Kiss, by Dale Ibitz

Haunted by painful memories, William turns to a world of sex and poison to forget his status as a shunned reaper with a sordid past. His strategy for survival is to fortify his emotional armor so no one will ever hurt him again, while trying to find redemption for his sins. Natalie, an exquisite human trying to save her sister from the horrors of the Other World, intrigues him. Though adamant she means nothing to him, her kisses reach into William’s soul and her silky skin is a slice of heaven. The damn woman cracks his protective shell. After learning the dark secret of Natalie’s past, how much will he sacrifice to save her soul?

The only thing Leah wants is a family and a place to call home. All she has is a target on her back because her daddy was an angel and her mom a human. Her anger has built for centuries as she goes on the run, hiding from a murdering goddess. Plotting revenge takes a village, however, and she might have to kill someone William loves to make him join her game. Will she exchange her hopes and dreams for a chance at payback?

Natalie needs William’s help to find her sister in the Other World. Her plan is to play him, deciding she’ll go as far as sleeping with the striking reaper if it’ll save her sister. Though his kisses bring on primal urges she’s never felt before, they don’t compare to the fire he ignites when he touches other parts of her body. Then she learns about his murderous past. Is she the one being played, left to die at another’s hand by the man she’s fallen for?