Ninety Degrees at Sunset, by David Heilwagen


When Caitlin Pearce and her four-year-old son, Cody, arrive in Key West, Florida, questions about their past soon arise. What circumstances have pushed this road-weary family to their tiny island? What are they running from? Who are they running from?

Keeping to herself as much as possible, Caitlin is determined to carve a new life for the two of them. A life far better and less perilous than the one she abandoned back in Nashville. But is that possible?

As Caitlin assimilates into her new world, she wrestles with a dark secret that continues to haunt her. Still, over time she feels comfortable enough to relax her guard, making new friends while forming a romantic bond with local Key West cop, Adam Carter; a man still reeling from the unsolved murder of his wife five years earlier.

Caitlin’s new life begins to take shape, but little does she realize that her buried past is quickly catching up with her, leaving a swath of death and heartache in its wake.

And there, over one especially hot Key West summer, two wounded souls are locked onto a collision course with destiny, plunging them into a nightmare of horror that will force them to confront past demons if they ever hope to move forward with their lives.

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