Meet Dawn Annis!

Dawn Annis

Dawn lives in beautiful northern Colorado with her soul mate, Scott and their wicked smart son, Nick.  They are her strength, her inspiration and always comedic relief. 

She loves taking walks around the lake and watching the birds in the bird bath outside her window.   Her flower and herb gardens are a passion.  As her husband fondly says ‘Put Dawn in the garden, up to her elbows in rich dirt and she blooms’.

When the snow flies, Dawn is content to sit in a comfy chair by the fireplace with book in hand.

Writing is food for her soul.  The stories run through her head until she can shake them loose and put them onto the page.  Dawn loves words.  Worlds can be created with words.  Relationships can be built with words.  And a child’s tears can be dried with words. 

Come by and visit her on her website:

or her facebook page: http://www.facebook/dawnannisauthor


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