Highlander’s Ransom, by Dawn Annis


Shane MacGregor, the newly named laird of Clan MacGregor is determined to prove himself.  Stripped of their lands and unfairly branded outlaws by King James I of England, the clan is on the brink of ruin.  Shane wants to see justice done against the hated Colquhouns, the cause of the MacGregor dispute with the king.

Lady Kathryn Colquhoun’s marital problems are unexpectedly solved with her husband’s death.  Though her marriage to the deviant has taken its toll on her sensitive nature, her years of humiliation and loneliness are behind her.  Her hopes and plans for the future are destroyed when the new Lord Colquhoun appeals to the king and stakes his claim against her inheritance.  Kathryn’s troubles continue to mount when she is kidnapped for ransom by the MacGregor clan.  A ransom she knows will never be paid!

Shane struggles with the demands of duty and his desire for Kathryn.  Kathryn’s past colors her view of love.  Each strives to come to terms with the love they share and the measure of love’s true value.

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