Peggy Sue Got Pregnant, by Deanna R. Adams


A story of love and loss, heartbreak and deceit, and the price one pays for keeping secrets.

Set in the era between Buddy Holly and Joan Jett, this “rock ’n’ romance” suspense novel tells the story of an ill-fated love affair between a Southern boy and Midwestern girl, and a long-held secret that threatens the legacy of a beloved music icon and future of his rock-star daughter.

After one reckless night with the boy she loves, sixteen-year-old Peggy Sue Lawrence’s life changes forever. It is 1957. “Nice” girls don’t have sex before marriage, and if they do and it leads to pregnancy, they are whisked out of town. In Peggy Sue’s case, she’s put on a bus in Hereford, Texas, headed for Cleveland, knowing she’ll probably never see her musician boyfriend, Frankie London, again. She gives birth to a daughter, Charlee, and hands the baby over to an aunt and uncle, who adopt her with the agreement that the truth never be revealed. 

But it’s too late. Someone knows. And that person will haunt Peggy Sue for years—until a teenaged Charlee forms an all-girl rock band and produces a hit record. Soon Peggy Sue is confronted with the realization that sometimes keeping secrets is worse than the secret itself.

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