Scoundrels & Dreamers, by Deanna R. Adams


Rock singer, Charlee Campbell, aka Echo, can’t wait to start her new life—as Dusty’s wife and mother to her newborn son. Then the unthinkable happens. Baby Dylan is taken from the hospital in the middle of the night by a woman posing as a nurse. The kidnapping soon threatens the couple’s once-solid marriage, as well as Charlee’s musical career. As the years pass, Charlee begins to doubt that she will ever see her child again. Little does she know, her son, now named Ben, is as close, and elusive, as her next hit record.

From the dawn of MTV and shoulder pads, through leg warmers and grunge, Scoundrels & Dreamers picks up where Peggy Sue Got Pregnant left off. Charlee’s story brings back beloved characters while introducing new ones, whose affairs of the heart create the inspiration from which cherished songs are made.

Advance Praise for Scoundrels & Dreamers

Scoundrels & Dreamers is a trip-down memory lane for music loving children of the 1980s. But the music is just a soundtrack to a darker tale about family, children, the power of love and the power of art. Great Read.” Laura DeMarco, Plain Dealer Arts & Entertainment Reporter

A rollicking ride through the early years of MTV and the struggles to balance fame, family, and friendships. Women star in this novel and give us insider views into the wear-me-down, tear-me-down stresses of the music biz and the life-altering anguish for a missing child. A great sequel to Peggy Sue Got Pregnant and stand-alone novel in its own right. – Nicole Eva Fraser, novelist

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