Untangling The Knot, by Deanne Wilsted


As a church wedding coordinator Gabriella knows better than anyone that a wedding should be a celebrated and sacred event. So the last thing she wants is to find herself falling for the groom and his two adorable children. Even Evie, the wife Ryan lost two years earlier, would be dismayed by his choice of fiancé; a woman who, while beautiful, appears to be more interested in decorating her new home than in spending time with Ryan’s kids.

Between the sarcastic internal dialogue constantly running through Gabriella’s head and the extra work she makes for herself by subconsciously sabotaging the ceremony, she can’t quite find the time to reconcile her unacceptable attraction. And besides, it turns out to be lot more fun hanging out with the kids and flirting with the dad than acknowledging her feelings.

A story of mixed-up plans and confused emotions, UNTANGLING THE KNOT is ultimately about grief and the journey taken by a father, his two children and a very careful Catholic to embrace rather than run from their true emotions.

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