Meet Diane Pearson!

Diane Pearson has lived her entire life in Minnesota and is currently residing with her husband in a town east of St. Paul, Minnesota where the corn and soybean fields parallel the highways. The rural atmosphere often mixes with the urban to provide a backdrop for her stories.

Diane’s early employment path took her from certified registered dental assistant, to sales representative for a billing service company. Later, she hopped on the technical bandwagon working as software support specialist, then as a programmer and applications designer. She considers her eclectic work life the perfect research lab for observing quirky people.

Outside of work, her activities have included rock climbing, tennis, rollerblading, and riding her motorcycle. Her all-time favorite sport is downhill skiing. Participating as a professional ski instructor and as a National Ski Patroller, she has many adrenalin-charged memories of riding on the edge of … disaster.

Diane is a member of local chapters of  Romance Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime. She can be reached through her website:


1 Response to Meet Diane Pearson!

  1. Marty Meyer-Gad says:

    how do I get to your blog? I couldn’t find the link on your website.

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