Meet Dick Brown!

Dick Brown
Dick Brown grew up in a small railroad town in North Carolina that was left behind in the dust of progress when diesels replaced steam engines. After graduating from Spencer High School he moved to Washington, DC where he worked as an illustrator for Vitro Corp. There he met Penny who was hired as a summer intern. They married after her graduation from the University of Maryland and later moved to Texas to raise their family. Their oldest son Derek, a Solutions Engineer for Sprint, lives in California with his wife Adrienne. Barry, a Washington, DC lobbyist and his wife Jennifer, Chief of Staff for Congressman Lamar Smith, live in Washington, DC with their two children, Leighton and Gipson. Their daughter Teri, a Special Education Assistant and her husband Pastor Eric Klimpel live in Iowa with their teenagers Austin and Ashley.

Brown worked as an illustrator and supervisor of Proposal Services at E-Systems, an aerospace defense contractor. During that time he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at Texas A&M – Commerce. After taking early retirement he worked for three different Texas newspapers as a reporter, feature writer and columnist. His high profile interviews included presidential candidate Ronald Regan; Governor George W. Bush; Rep. Ralph Hall, the oldest member serving in congress; actor Charlton Heston and Doubleday editor Bill Thompson who discovered Steven King and John Gresham.

An award winning short story writer, Brown is also the author of King of the Mountain: The Jerry Moore Story. A biography of the head coach of Appalachian State University whose football team defeated fifth ranked University of Michigan. Featured in Sports Illustrated cover story as the biggest upset in college football history.

In retirement Brown spends his time writing, while Penny spends her time making fantasy character costumes for their grand children. Penny, a Fine Arts graduate, is also a master bead weaver of fine jewelry. The Browns reside in Conroe, Texas.

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  1. eleanor sandifer says:

    very impressive…love the picture!

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