Beguiling the Baron, by Elizabeth Keysian

Rescued from the workhouse by the reclusive Lord Henry Ansford—Hal—who wants nothing further to do with her, Tia Wyndham battles to bring life back into the echoing passageways of his mysterious medieval home, Foxleaze Abbey.

Hal’s promising political career is in ruins, and his heart appears still bound to his late wife. Knowing his daughter will have to live with the rumor that he was responsible for her mother’s death, he plans to send Polly away—a decision Tia fights with all her might. Deterred? Not Tia. She’s stubbornly determined to restore the baron to his former glory, and bring love and laughter back to Foxleaze, but Hal’s response to her is unexpected—and overpowering.

Despite the frenzied passion that unites the pair, Tia’s hopes of melting Hal’s heart are dogged by the spectre of his dead wife. He refuses to share the secret of the folly where he spends all his waking hours, locked away from the world . . .

Until a bizarre accident threatens everything he holds dear, and forces him to make a life-changing decision.