Whispering Winter, by Elizabeth Preston

Rory: Heaven’s breath, is the girl real?

I’ve been sent to Doral Castle to fetch a lassie and bring her home; she is promised to my brother. But the lass I find is a surprise. She’s nothing like the woman I was expecting. Straightaway, she refuses to answer to her rightful name. She insists she’s someone other than Moira, someone called Lily. ‘Tis a ploy, a lassie’s trick to avoid her wedding day. The girl has my sympathies because who wouldn’t want to wriggle out of wedlock with Goswin, even if he is Laird of MacTavish Castle?

‘Tis obvious how feisty and full of trouble the lass is, yet I’m strangely drawn to her. Just as our journey begins, the blizzard strikes so we’ve no choice but to seek shelter together. We’re forced to spend our nights alone, in a hunting hut in the snow.

My brother must never find out what happens between us during that freeze. Goswin has a temper. He is not the understanding or the forgiving sort.

Lily: I’ve followed my friend into the past.

It was an accident and the very last thing I meant to do. If I knew how to leave this place, I would. But for now, I’m stuck in the year, 1362, in snowy, medieval Scotland, trying to cope any way I can. And then I discover that I’m to marry a medieval laird, a man that no one can stand.

The Problem:

Rory might be the most sought-after man in all of the Highlands but his brother is Laird and will not be denied anything. Laird Goswin has his eye on the fresh-faced stranger that Rory has brought home. She’s a beauty. Looks like hers are not easily found, especially not in these troubled times. The Black Death has just ravaged Scotland killing far too many. Laird Goswin is not about to let a healthy, fine breeding woman like Lily escape. She mightn’t be the woman he’s promised to, but no matter. This girl will do nicely.