Meet Ellen Marlowe!

Ellen Marlow’s love affair with writing began when she was twelve and on her way to visit her childless aunt and uncle in Seattle, Washington. It was on the train ride that she drafted her first ‘book,’ a biography of her life. She can’t recall what happened to the book, but she does recall the excitement of writing the first chapter.

In the years that followed she went from writing to her second ambition to become an actress. Seated in a movie theater in her Chicago neighborhood she found herself transported to a fantasy world that erased her real world where she felt alienated and unhappy.

At Wright Jr. College where she studied journalism, she earned the title of runner up for Typical Frosh. The summer before attending Los Angeles City college she worked at MGM Studios.

Her first story FATHER LENDS A HAND sold to Baby Talk. While the magazine never sent her a copy of the published article nor did she know enough to keep a copy for herself, the generous check was enough to propel her onto a career that has lasted more than fifty years.

Her first published books were erotic romances kept high on the shelf of the local book stand.  Because of her fascination with Hollywood her writing career morphed into interviewing and writing about Hollywood’s film and television stars for the leading fan magazines of the day. As Associate editor of Rona Barrett’s Hollywood, her career zoomed until the demise of the fan magazine replaced by the weeklies now so popular.

Moving on to take more journalism and short story night classes at UCLA she took a Little Theater class at a nearby community college. Spurred on by her husband and young son she had the best of both worlds in writing and acting. 

A one time gourmet cook and dedicated party giver, she managed to stir in classes in astrology, spirituality and other new age modalities that have enriched her life.  

The submission of a historic, erotic romance set in 1947 Chicago at a time when the city politicians worked zealously to rid the city of back alley gambling led to a contract with SMP. 

Her latest published book (Bear Manor Media) The Evolution of the Hollywood Heartthrob published in 2014 is still available to Hollywood aficionados.