A Witch’s Love, by Erin Bluett

One dangerous lycan. A beautiful young witch.

 Forced together… to discover their immortal destinies.

Desperate for his kiss…

Ava Worthington loves her life in a small town in the Adirondacks. She has a decent job and sisters she couldn’t live without.  She thought she had it all, until she has a chance encounter with the handsome Lucas Grant.  Ava knew she had fallen hard for this mysterious stranger but when he reveals his true identity she vows never to see him again.

Longing for her touch…

 Worldly and fiercely independent, Lucas Grant prides himself on not needing anyone, not even his lycan clan until he meets his life mate.  He is surprised to find his predestined mate that he never wanted, is a witch with a haunted past. This Ava is a beauty like no other and begins to tempt him in ways he never imagined, making it hard for him to walk away. Yet when dark forces attack her, the lycan finds himself furiously protecting her.

A dark desire neither of them can deny…

 Afraid of Lucas’ true identity, attacked by dark forces she doesn’t understand and in danger of losing her sisters, she’s forced to discover her magical destiny and work with Lucas. But is she trading one danger for another? Will she find her sisters but lose her heart?

1 Response to A Witch’s Love, by Erin Bluett

  1. Dad Bluett says:

    You have my attention Erin. Where can I read more?

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