On The Rebound, by George R. Stephenson


Sherry finally escaped her brutal psychotic mobster husband to Sandy Gulch, New Mexico. On her first day, she and her daughter, Samantha, witness a pit bull being hit by a pick-up truck. Sherry calls for animal services but they send a policeman instead. So when Gabe steps out of his hot ride, Sherry finds herself attracted to the handsome stranger. Too bad she gets him arrested for DUI.

They both end up working for a disreputable vet with a drug problem. Her, to pay off the vet bill for Patch, the pit bull who Samantha loves instantly and wants to adopt (if she can save him from the dog fighting pit) and he, to work off his community service sentence over the DUI. They trip over each other’s emotional baggage and are on track to hate each other. Then Samantha steals Patch and they run away into the Grand Canyon. Despite their differences, Sherry and Gabe go after her. As they travel, Sherry and Gabe find themselves attracted to each other. Now if they can rescue her daughter from the depths of the Grand Canyon, they just might have a happily-ever-after.

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