Meet Gerri Zimmerman!

Gerri Zimmerman

 Gerri resides in a small town in Illinois. She was the youngest of four siblings. At a young age, she wrote her first science fiction story and promptly threw it away.

She graduated from high school after 3½ years of high honor rolls, induction into the National Honor Society, excelled in business courses, and was first prizewinner in many art exhibits.

After graduating from school, she worked as an insurance underwriter for a small insurance agency for several years, then worked many years for a major manufacturing company, and finally for a small not-for-profit insurance company, before retiring. During her working career, she was able to marry and have a son.

Once retired, she began to delve into a new career, that of writing a novel and having it published. Her first novel, Master of Seduction, is a result of her writing endeavor. The story contains romance, suspense and science fiction. She hopes her readers will enjoy her first efforts at writing.

Relaxing is not something Gerri does as she is too busy creating more stories that will leave the reader wondering ‘what if’ or ‘is that possible’?

She is elated that Soul Mate Publishing is giving her an opportunity to write for them and that they have included her in their list of talented authors.

Her next story is a novella, “Ancient Martian Echoes,” published in electronic format by Soul Mate Publishing. She says that the imagination can do wondrous things and Mars gives the reader the perfect setting for one’s imagination to go wild.

Look for this exciting new author. She can be reached via and








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