Master of Seduction, by Gerri Zimmerman


Cryonic scientist and Nobel Prize winner Carolyn Marcus is forcibly placed in cryogenic sleep for ten years. She knows human memory capacity is severely impaired during prolonged hibernation and amnesia is the result. Therefore, it becomes imperative that she find two individuals who may hold the answers to some of her questions and who will help restore missing fragments of her memory. How does she know there are two men? Because someone has placed a note in her hand that suggests she locate her fiancé, Jeffrey Ward, and Master Magician, Mark Holliday.

Mark Holliday has waited ten years for Carolyn to return to him. When she does return, she doesn’t remember him or their one night of passion. It is up to him to help her restore her memory; and he devotes himself to that task.

Will destiny be denied or will the lovers be able to overcome all obstacles and rekindle the flame of love?







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