Free My Heart, by Gwen Overland

Bailey Anderssohn, one-time international opera star, has at the death of her father inherited the family ranch near Salmon Run, Washington. Yet because she still seeks a creative outlet, she jumps at the chance to ghost write the autobiography of a young but retiring German soccer star, thus taking a temporary hiatus from her ranch duties. It’s a difficult few months for Bailey, as the young man’s widowed father, Bastien Steinholz, is not only reluctant to divulge information about the family’s past but is downright rude.The fact Bailey is also attractive, unceasingly cheerful, and seemingly not at all put off by the Baron’s bad behavior the Baron into a tailspin.

That is until Bailey at an evening’s function at Scholl Steinholz in Germany is asked to sing an aria made famous from her operatic days. She consents but only if Herr Steinholz will accompany her on the piano. As the aria unfolds, it is difficult to tell if what these two desperate people discover is a renewed joy in performing, or if their attraction forgoes their initial apprehensions about each other, or if their mutual loneliness gets the better of them, but by the end of the evening, they find themselves in each other’s arms.