Meet Jane Lawhun!

Jane Lawhun

Jane Lawhun grew up in East Rochester, New York. She then attended college at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio and did graduate work at Ohio State University while teaching English and Art in Columbus, Ohio. After moving to Mansfield, Ohio, she continued teaching, retiring after thirty-two years.

Now having the time to devote to writing, Jane has thrown herself enthusiastically into the craft and is a member of the Mid-Ohio Writers Association. She also enjoys time with her husband, their family, and pets.

3 Responses to Meet Jane Lawhun!

  1. Joann Hipsher says:

    You are lucky to have two talents, writing and the visual arts! You can illustrate your own work!

  2. Pat Papadapoulos says:

    How wonderful Jane has found a new outlet for her creative gifts. I’ve spent most of those 32 years with her and watched from afar as she honed her many crafts. I’m always wondering what’s next from my dear friend up north.

  3. Sheri McMillan says:

    Would love to have paper copy!

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