The Hidden Truth, by Janeen Swart


After being struck by lightning, Clara visits a fantastic dream world in which an angel-like being tells her to watch for a sign. Clara searches for an answer to the question of whether or not man should have a hand in changing the world using science. Brian, Clara’s boyfriend, has been involved in demonstrations against a local biophysics company in the forefront of recent DNA studies, named appropriately, New Nature. Brian suggests bombing the labs to stop their work. Clara realizes she and Brian are not compatible and breaks up. She begins a new relationship with John, another member of their Science Club. Brian’s jealousy results in several uncomfortable incidents between the three teens.

Clara believes the world can become more like her dream world if people use science to change the world for the better. She and John vow to do their part and convince their Science Club to join in their fight.

The Science Club decides to confront New Nature’s study of cloning, growing new organs from embryonic fluid, and creating foods that are genetically altered, but by opposing methods. Relationships and beliefs are tested. In the end, Clara’s questions are answered, but at a cost, she hadn’t anticipated.