Taxing Courtship, Book One of The Hands of Destin, by Jaycee Jarvis


Lady of the Realm by day, lock-pick by night, Lady Emmanuella has serious misgivings about her latest sneak job. But she’ll accept any dangerous task to acquire the cacao beans needed to sustain her late mother’s temple. What she doesn’t count on is a compelling attraction to her sweet and sexy client—a dreaded tax collector, marked for service to the Troika by a feline familiar.

As an air-gifted Hand of Destin, Quintin is used to enforcing the law, not breaking it. Until a powerful seer needs his help and the duplicitous Lady Em lands on his lap—literally. Quintin wants nothing more than to return to his orderly black and white existence, but instead he is drawn further and further into the dangers of her double life.

If his lovely thief is so wrong for him, why do her kisses feel so right?