Blood in the Stars, by Jennifer Shea


After Daria Mathew’s handsome blind date rescues her from a fire, she realizes she doesn’t want to die without ever finding love.  When monsters come for her life, her date turned protector reveals her flesh and blood can grant untold powers.  Warm and caring, he saves her countless times and wins her heart.  But his motivations are shrouded in a dark past and Daria must fight for his love and for her life.

Jason Angel’s failure to kill led to the death of the last woman he protected and loved.  He vows to keep Daria safe no matter the price.  As they grow closer, he fears he will repeat his past mistakes and fail to protect her.  He is faced with a hard choice―embrace the dark powers of his family to protect Daria, or keep his hands clean and have a chance to claim her love.

But Jason’s family is hiding a horrifying secret about Daria’s powers, one they will do anything to keep safe.  For this secret will not only change the balance of power in the realm but also destroy their chances to be together.

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