Meet Jevenna Willow!



Jevenna Willow’s debut novel, Wise Indecision, Sinners of Old Creek, book 1, holds true to the characterization and idiosyncrasies of small-town folks. The smaller the town, the bigger the secrets. Since Wise Indecision, she’s had numerous published with Soul Mate, including Megan’s Falls, and High Edges, Sinners of Old Creek, books 2 and 3, as well as After the Shore and Breathless Response.

There is always a romance to tell, and most are stuck somewhere in her head, trying to get out.

She writes Contemporary, Historical, Suspense and Paranormal romances.

Happily married to the cute guy she met in kindergarten; she’s spent her life as co-owner of the family dairy farm in rural Wisconsin. In her spare time, when not writing another novel or driving combines through huge cornfields, she loves to spend every hour available to her outdoors. Her motto, “Every life should have nine cats…and one great man.”
She would love to hear from the romance readers. Stay connected with her either on her website or Facebook. 
Live it. Love it. Write it.

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