After the Shore, by Jevenna Willow


When a woman looks directly at a man, she should feel a rather tangible upstart to her heart, something to pull her into the web. She should not, however, look at him, and wonder what it is about him that makes her feel as if she’d met him—been with him.

Keelye Levant` is more than aware of this…something.

She’s been trying to avoid it for years.

 When a man looks at a beautiful woman who watches him, he should feel flattered, feel alive…after feeling so dead, for so many years. He should not, however, find his soul shaken the moment he stares into her eyes—into his past.

Pierce Canon should not be aware of feeling…anything. He should let it go, leave it—and her—where they belong.

Letting go is never easy when doing it twice is almost unthinkable.


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